Quoting from a report done by Wharton, the rise of the net and social media has drowned TV viewership. People simply don’t have the time or the inclination to get home on time to watch their favorite show. The advent of Tivo, Roku and Apple TV fixed that by digitally recording TV shows to be watched later. Now we have subscription-based video on-demand or SVOD, which can let you access any TV show or movie you missed.

SVOD is taking over TV viewership


Nielsen actually ran a survey where they discovered the growing popularity of social media and buying things online had an impact on viewership. They were fighting each other. Gosh, this addiction is so hilarious! I was wondering why are these two media fighting each other? Why don’t we just merge them?

Just a few days ago I was watching the BlackList, and before I knew it I started googling where I could find the exact jacket he was wearing. And then I had an epiphany. Why can’t I just freeze the show, and magically a bunch of icons appear over my screen, and when I select the icon over Reddington, it shows me the details of the suit he is wearing. Not only that, I hit the shopping cart button on my remote and voilà, the product is added to my cart and I buy it!



Simultaneous device usage while watching TV


The Finished Look