Business Challenges

As J. W. Penland stated, “It is pretty clear to me to whom the board is accountable: the shareholders.” Every minute through the day and sometimes in the dark recesses of the night, the top brass within large Fortune 500s make decisions that affect its employees, its customers, the environment and most importantly, its stock price.

The leadership team had an assistant work laboriously in Microsoft PowerPoint manually input major decisions and news items the company made and superimposed them over a screenshot of the weekly stock chart. The downside of this type of presentation was, that no one could collaborate with it, add contextual data or do a drill-down. They couldn’t see a pattern of bad decisions that were made that caused their stock-price to tank.

We needed to design a new tool which would support displaying a timeline of events and opportunities and a live stock feed that could run in parallel.


We worked with the core leadership team, understanding their current challenges and then conjuring up new interaction models through interface sketching. Once we had an interaction model, we moved quickly by designing interactive wireframes using Axure.

We kicked off the project with workshops to understand the business partner’s current situation, and what vision they had for the new tool. Their current way of looking at the data still relied on a graphic designer and an assistant to manually input the data in Microsoft PowerPoint.

We used fast pen and paper interface to flush out nuances of the potential scenarios to determine the kind of experience it would offer the user. These sketch concepts helped the team evaluate our ideas and iterate on different approaches, as well as considering how this provided them a unique value during their strategy meetings.

Rapid prototyping was crucial to our process on this project and Axure was the tool of choice. The simplified interaction model helped us to validate our concepts and communicate complex interactions to our business partner.


For example, isolating an event and correlating it to a stock price on that day was the biggest requirement needed by the business partner. We went through many iterations on how this could be accomplished and built out non-restrictive prototypes that let us play around with the interface. This allowed us to be confident in the final direction.

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