Critters helps you connect with your perfect pet.
It brings about some refreshing new features after careful insights from pet owners like integrated inventory from shelters, medical records, behavior, compatibility details and healthcare. Its a one-stop solution to adopt your pet from a shelter, take care of it, get advise from veterinarians and connect with pet-owners for fun activities.


The goal of this design is to optimize the experience of adopting a pet from a shelter. The secondary goals are to help the user with contextual information related to health care, diet, insurance, pet supplies and activities. It stands apart from other apps by giving the user the right information needed to take care of their pets as well as get rewarded on completion of activities. It is meant to build a community and make it a connected experience.

Pet Industry in the United States

$62.5billion estimated 2016 revenue
The Competition
  1. Connect Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ reviews to your search
  2. Integrate the shelter inventory with the app in real-time so the user can see all the pets up for adoption
  3. Integrate a checklist with factoids, licensing information, city rules, behavioral and medical information for the user
  4. Integrate various payment systems like PayPal, ApplePay, Microsoft Wallet, GoogleWallet etc.
  5. Give culinary options to users who wish to cook for their pets
  6. Try and syndicate content from experts like Cesar Milan, Dr. Jeff Werber, etc.
  7. Give advise on what to purchase for a first time pet owner
  8. Give certification information on the shelters as well as ratings
  9. Create a localized app for multiple languages
  10. Create more transparency on hidden costs.
  11. Formulate a gamification methodology for good pet owners to be rewarded.

Mental Model

I created a mental model of the user behavior, pain points, motivations and needs and aligned them with my vision of proposed features to support those needs.


Our first, primary persona represents the common problems that young, first-time pet owners face, particularly lack of knowledge about pet care strategies and shortage of time. Our second persona is secondary and represents career-driven individuals whose busy schedules interfere with optimal pet care. Our third persona is supplementary and represents more knowledgeable and confident owners who may be interested in new information or tools, but aren’t in desperate need for help. They are however looking for a certain breeds of dog with specific functions.

SarahSarah, a chef and a first-time pet owner
Time Part-time chef at a local Italian restaurant, working 20 hours/week.
Education Culinary School
Technical Proficiency Internet searches and online forums
Goal Sarah is a very enthusiastic about owning a pet and is looking to see what it would take as well as cost. She has a hard time finding out what is the proper brand of food to feed and what to watch out for before getting a pet. She knows she wants a cat, but there is very little information on whether to get an indoor or outdoor cat and the appropriate breed.

jasonJason, a tech geek with a busy schedule.
Age 32
Time Jason is a full-time employee at Amazon, working 60 hour weeks.
Education Business Degree, Masters of Computer Science
Technical Proficiency Internet searches, online forums, and tried a few apps
Goal Jason has basic knowledge of pet care since he grew up with dogs, but fears he does not have the time to achieve the level of desired care. He could use some more holistic pet care tips, but mostly wishes he had a way to fit activities into his busy schedule. He needs a companion that can run with him every morning and tag along to work, where he can be quiet and amicable with other pets on campus.

AlanAlan, has a physical disability and is recently retired and a long time pet owner
Age 67
Time Alan just retired and has a lot of time on his hands.
Education Bachelor’s Degree
Technical Proficiency Internet searches
Goal Alan has owned pets all his life. Unfortunately, he got divorced a few years ago and lost everything. Since he is now retired, he feels he needs a friend to be with him. Although he is experienced in taking care of pets, he wishes there was an app that could track all the medications his pet was taking and notify him when the shots were due. He is looking for a service dog that will help him with his disability.

Task Model